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Biolase Laser System
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Biolase laser system

Biolase Laser System

To restore and repair dental anatomy, alleviate pain, and reduce fear and anxiety related to dentistry in order to improve patient quality of life. We improve patient outcomes through laser technology.

Versatile Tools For Smile Design

As a dentist, providing state of the art dental procedures such as “smile design” is a top priority, and biolase excels as a clinical instrument for reshaping and redesigning the smiles of your patients.biolase is effective in Adjusting tooth length through “crown lengthening” procedures is a straight forward, easy-to-master procedure that can makes the patients beaming with a dazzling new smile. Finally, whether you are prepping teeth for crowns, veneers or other restorative treatment, biolase has been shown to have a positive impact on bond strength.The differences between a laser and a scalpel when used for oral surgical procedures is stark. While scalpels have a long list of physiological and psychological effects on the patient, BIOLASE lasers enable you to quickly cut, sculpt or modify soft tissue when needed.

Soft Tissue Surgery Made Simple

During many procedures, managing the soft tissue can be problematic if it begins to bleed or respond unpredictably. With BIOLASE lasers, achieving hemostasis and controlling the surgical zone are as easy as tapping a pre-set on the laser’s touch screen.laser depigmentation of the gum. Avoid the pitfalls and complications of using scalpels or other cutting instruments by turning to a BIOLASE laser to achieve your softtissue objectives.

Treatment of TMJ problem

TMJ laser treatment targets the temporomandibular joint and the tissues that surround it with light energy. This light energy provides two benefits to the treated area:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Accelerates healing

The laser encourages the body to produce more red blood cells, which will help oxygenate the area and shed damaged tissue. The laser energy also energizes the cells in the temporomandibular area, further promoting healing and providing relief.

A Better Way to Whiten in the Clinic

Whitening is one of the most sought-after cosmetic improvements that patients seek. With a variety of retail and take-home products available, none can achieve the results and immediate impact of in-office whitening.Research has shown that lasers are capable of delivering 6-12 shades (varies by patient) with less than 20 minutes of gel-to-tooth contact time. The laser energy interacts with chromophores in the proprietary laseractivated gel to accelerate the in-office whitening procedure.BIOLASE offers two Epic diode laser systems that can be equipped with our patented whitening handpiece to deliver fast in-office whitening treatment. Gel and other procedure necessities to perform a whitening treatment are included with every “patient kit.”Begin delivering fast, effective in-office whitening using Epic lasers today

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