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Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifting
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Bone Grafting And Sinus Lifting


Bone grafting

There are some cases where patients suffer from bone loss and recession in the jaw after a tooth has been removed, the jaw begins to recede or resorb, leaving an area of thinned bone with less height, this case highly affects the success rate of other dental procedures such as placing implants or dentures and making it impossible to perform the treatment ,so in this case a procedure called bone grafting is done in order to restore the bone height and width in affected areas, some bone grafting procedures are very simple and only require placing a bone grafting material and other cases requires transplanting bone from one area of the jawbone to the needed area.

Sinus lifting

The maxillary sinus Is a hallow cavity in the skull situated above the roots of the upper molars, in some cases excessive bone recession occurs in this area after extraction of the upper molars and the bone depth can recede to a thickness of just a few millimeters, and if an implant was placed it will protrude into the sinus so the solution would be performing  a specialized bone grafting procedure called sinus lift which involves lifting the soft tissue of the sinus floor and bone graft beneath it , creating adequate depth to accommodate a dental implant.
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