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General Dentistry
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General Dentistry


General Dentistry

General dentistry involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, diseases affecting the teeth, gums and jaws. General dentistry covers a wide range of procedures.

Complete Dental Examination And Diagnosis

Oral examination is a complete visual inspection of the oral cavity, with any necessary X-rays complete exam will be done under magnification to know the condition of teeth, gums and underlying bone.

Teeth Filling

Teeth filling are mainly used to refine any damage caused by the dental caries. Generally, dental caries is also known as dental decay which can severely create holes inside teeth where bacteria can enter. Thus, patients should visit dental clinics in early stages to get the needed dental care before the decay leads to tooth extraction. As the dental hygienist cleans the affected area and removes all the dental caries, then he/she fixes the teeth filling in the damaged gaps.

Teeth Extraction Reasons

Dentists always attempt to leave teeth extraction as a last option of curing infection because it might affect the oral hygiene. However, it can be necessary for a patient due to several reasons mainly caused by dental decay and teeth damage. Full damage of teeth leads to severe toothache which is eventually followed by tooth extraction.There are many other reasons of tooth extraction for instance; deformed shapes of wisdom teeth, existence of extra tooth, broken teeth and affected tooth as a source of infection. All these reasons cause unbearable tooth pain.

Professional Teeth Cleaning at the Kinaan medical Center

The dental plaque is one of the main reasons behind teeth diseases like gum irritation and tooth decay. Dental plaque can keep the bacteria around teeth, causing unhygienic mouth. Therefore, dentists highly advise patients to have a periodic teeth cleaning in order to ensure a healthy status for their teeth. Hence, patients may avoid all unwanted teeth problems remaining hygienic teeth with a brighter smile.

The Necessity for a Deeper Cleaning

The unhygienic oral status may cause different problems such as bad breath, yellow teeth, black spots and gum pockets. Yet, all of these issues can be solved in early stages through the dental cleaning. Teeth pocketing is considered one of the most annoying painful problem. It simply means the area formed by the dental plaque bacteria between tooth and gum. Yet early teeth cleaning can prevent dental pockets. Teeth Cleaning and Polishing Many people pay little attention to dental care which negatively reflects on the oral hygiene on the long-run. Thus, patients should reserve appointments with dental hygienist to deeply clean the dental plaque and to have a professional teeth polishing. The cost of dental cleaning and polishing is reasonable and affordable although dental hygienists ensure using modern medical tools to remove all dental calculus and to avoid oral problems.

Night Mouth Guard

So you grind your teeth at night and your kinaan’s dentist has recommended that you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Do you just get one and hope it’s the right thing? You might be wondering how a night mouth guard (often referred to as a night guard) will really help you, or which type of mouth guard is best for you. Well, not to worry – you have come to the right place.

What could happen to my teeth, If I don’t get a mouth guard?

Grinding your teeth (often while you sleep), is a condition known as bruxism. It wears down teeth, and without protection can destroy tooth enamel and can chip or crack teeth. Once enamel has been destroyed, it cannot be replaced. Damaged teeth can be costly to fix, not to mention uncomfortable.In addition, constant clenching of the jaw during sleep can lead to headaches, sore jaw and facial muscles, and even a condition called TMJ disorder which causes chronic pain in the face, jaw, and neck. Because teeth grinding while sleeping is unintentional, the most safe and effective way to ensure teeth are protected is to wear a mouth guard that separates teeth.

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