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The Dental Association recommends that children get an orthodontic evaluation no later than age 7. Though orthodontic treatment can be done at any age, timely treatment ensures maximum dental health.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of jaw, face and bite irregularities (malocclusions*). Orthodontic treatment is provided by an oral health care provider known as an Orthodontist, who has typically completed two to three years of additional training beyond dental school.

With all of the recent advancements in orthodontics, wearing braces has never been easier. State-of the-art appliances and treatments are now available, from traditional metal braces, to clear and tooth colored brackets! Some patients may even be candidates for treatment with Invisalign, a revolutionary way to straighten teeth using clear, retainer type aligners that require no braces or wires!
If treatment is necessary, we will thoroughly discuss which treatment option is best suited for you! Whether it is traditional braces or custom made removable appliances. Orthodontics can help you have the healthy, straight, beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for! 

Give us a call today and schedule your orthodontic consultation!

*Malocclusion is the technical term for teeth that don’t fit together correctly. Malocclusions not only affect the teeth, but also the appearance of the face. Most malocclusions are inherited; however some are due to acquired habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. The spacing left from an adult tooth being extracted or an early loss of a baby tooth can also contribute to a malocclusion.

Types and advantages of braces

Metal Braces

This is a metal type of braces as it is usually worn on the front of the patient’s teeth. It’s easy for the patient to deal with it and it may take from 9 to 18 months to get noticeable results. Dentists give some instructions in order know how to safely clean it after eating.


This type is one of the recent braces developed to be transparent to mingle between the aesthetic shape and the efficient results thanks to the 3D technology. It contains serial appliences of transparent material of acrylic to cover teeth with no metal wires. It takes almost 12 to 18 months to greatly impact the teeth positioning. Admittedly, it can be easily detached while eating or drinking.

Cosmetic Braces

To catch up with the latest trends, one may use the cosmetic braces as it offers aesthetic but temporary shape not for any treatment reasons. It’s also available with different elastic colors.

Ceramic Braces

This type is well developed to consider the outer shape of teeth as well as the efficiency of treatment. Hence, it offers comfort and satisfaction for patients and avoids gum inflammations. However, it must be regularly cleaned.

Removable Retainer

Used at the end of orthodontic alignment for 6 to 12 months.

Fixed retainer (lingual or palatal)

Used the end of orthodontic treatment to provide fixation for the teeth for 1 or more year in a simple efficient and non-visible way.

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