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Laughing Gas
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laughing gas

Laughing Gas

Anesthesia is usually the main concern of the patient about the next dental surgery (whether dental implants, tooth extraction, gum surgery) is the best ways / eans to minimize any possible pain – if any is possible.

However, to ensure better rest, or just to face anyfears of the patient specially children, can provide conscious anesthesia.

Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”:

An inhaled anesthetic that provides, when needed, more relaxation outside the local anesthesia. The purpose of nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation is to more comfortably receive necessary dental care. Nitrous sedation is a drug-induced state of reduced awareness and decreased ability to respond. The ability to respond normally returns when the effects of the sedative wear off.

In addition, dentists advise parents to treat the baby teeth of their children through teeth filling in order not to leave a bad and unhygienic impact on their permanent teeth in later stages.

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